December 30, 2013

2013 Hunting Season

DECEMBER 2013 - The weather has been excellent for hunting this deer season. We have had moderate rainfall this Autumn, but not quite enough to fill the creeks in the forest. But, just enough to ensure that oak trees are putting off a healthy crop of acorns, a vital nutrient for wildlife during the winter months. There is plenty of game sign in the forest and during December we have enjoyed some really crisp and cold mornings. Let's hunt!

NOVEMBER 2013 - The opening weekend of the Texas general hunting season came after a week of heavy rain, but the Saturday and Sunday were cool in temperature, under a bright blue sky. It was a great weekend for hunting and I had my chance for a good 8 point buck but blew it.  I had stopped to take a break from stalk hunting, was rummaging through my back pack and eating a candy bar and looked to my left to see a really nice 8 point buck bounding away out of sight!!! Oh well, I'll keep looking for him in the weeks ahead.