August 30, 2014

2014 Scouting Trips

August 30 - It was a hot, humid afternoon and I found the Sam Houston National Forest to be more green than I have seen it in 4 years.  The underbrush was thick and green, obviously not lacking moisture as has been the case since the 2011 drought.  The ground was damp from a past rain.  There was ponding water in the low spot in the forest, but the stream bed of the small creek was dry.  It was an encouraging trip and I believe we will go into the hunting season with good browse for the deer population.  I saw a few deer bounding away as I made my way through the forest and encountered a couple snakes (a black racer and grey rat snake).  I did not see any ground scraps or rubs on small trees.  I predict the bucks are still in velvet and will begin rubbing the velvet off on small trees during September.

Visit the NationalForestHunter YouTube site for a short video regarding this Scouting trip.