November 30, 2014

2014 Hunting Season

JANUARY 2 & 4 - I hunted in several different areas of the SHNF during two days of hunting.  I saw white-tailed does, but no bucks.  I enjoyed hunting a very large pin oak flat that isn't to far off of the Forest Service road. The conditions in the forest are very wet.  Water is everywhere.  I made a short video on the last day of the general deer season.

DECEMBER 31st - I hunted in my favorite area for most of the day.  It did not rain but the forest floor was saturated from previous rains.  The ground scraps in the area are still active.  I saw two does, but no bucks.  My new game camera captured photos of a young 8 point buck and a wild hog.

DECEMBER 27th - The morning was very warm and humid, but during the afternoon a band of thunderstorms brought cool temperatures.  For the first time since the fall of 2010, the forest floor was actually completely saturated with water and the creek was nearly full of water.

DECEMBER 6th - The weather continues to fluctuate between warm and cold. I hunted in a short sleeve tee shirt on Dec 6th and was very comfortable. With a full moon most of the deer and hogs are moving at night. Below are some Dec 6th photos from the Winters Bayou Scenic Area in the Sam Houston National Forest.

NOVEMBER 2014 - It has been a month of changing weather and the return of standing water in the forest !!!! We have had cold temperature days in the 20's and 30's ...... and warm temperature days in the 60's and 70's. Good News - heavy rainfall in Sam Houston National Forest during November has created spots of standing water throughout my favorite hunting area.  This has not occurred since the fall of 2010.  At the end of November the forest is in good condition - plenty of moisture, green leaf browse, and acorn production.  As is common, locating and bagging deer and hogs in the SHNF is a difficult task.  I've yet to kill a deer or hog during 2014, but I've only been able to get to the SHNF on two days during November (a record low for me).  I hope to hunt much more during the month of December. Below are a few photos for your review.