January 1, 2017

2016 Hunting Season

During November and December of the 2016 hunting season I hunted in the eastern sections of the Sam Houston National Forest.  There were three, distinct areas that I hunted, each having plenty of deer sign - game trails with ground scrapes and tree rubs. During the season I saw plenty of does during daylight hours but not any White-tailed bucks. However, my game camera confirmed the presence of bucks (see the best one of the bunch in the photos shown below).  The weather was unseasonably warm during the entire season with not one day below freezing temperatures.  Acorn producing trees produced a healthy abundance of food source.  I enjoyed the season and my time in the woods.  I plan to hunt the same areas again next year, but will make additional preparations that will enable me to transit through the forest in complete darkness.  I believe the only way to harvest one of these bucks is to be at a prime deer traffic spot at first and last light of the day.  For the most part, mature bucks are nocturnal and the only time to get a clear shot is just after dawn or at last light. Below are some photos for your review.